Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006

Getting serious, the first couple of meetings were with diplomats, counselors and kings to foster support for the project.

Views from the roof-top of God’s children.

Initially there were objections . " How can you build when there is no security " ... " The people live in such nice grass houses, why would you want to change it" ... " You must be very cautious about where you build it so that all of the tribes will agree to it " ... etc. etc. But, eventually, most people come around to thinking it is a pretty good idea for the people to have a 'secure structure' to begin with... and further more, if we waited until everything was perfect... NOTHING would ever happen...

Next on the agenda was a meeting with the psychiatrist who heads up the Rufaida Health Foundation. You see us sitting here with a panel of experts from the World Health Organization and the Federal Ministry of Health who are drafting a document outlining Mental Health Policy for the Sudan. We spoke a bit about what American Sudanese Partnerships are planning - primarily the grant that we are writing to bring the few dozen psychiatrists in the country to the US for training in psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress, rape trauma, trauma from torture, and trauma associated with the war handicapped.

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