Friday, October 19, 2018

Celebrating the Finish: Mayo Building Workshop hosted by Mayo Women’s Association – ‘Dalu for Development’

Celebrating finishing the domes with a Nile Cruise!

A really nice picture of all of us on the Nile finally relaxing after three months of heavy work
and studies!
So as not to forget we are celebrating the women's training center completed last week!
A shout out to and the memory of Nader Khalili for inspiring
safe affordable and environmentally friendly housing in the Sudan/Darfur
and again, thanks to our generous donors:
USAID/TEPS, Stead Family Foundation, Seeds for Jubilee Foundation
Haggar Foundation, Afra Plastic Industries Co
and our thanks to support from the University of Khartoum Faculty of Architecture
and the School of Management
In particular, the cruise gave us the opportunity to honor the men from Malam Darfur
who trained with us and are now trainers!!! and hand them their certificates
They have to leave for Darfur before the big opening next week...
Suliman, Saifadin, Rashid, and Mohammed Issa together with the acting
Chief of Mission from the US Embassy DCM Ellen Thorburn, J.D.
Yes, we still get goofy and go crazy with selfies!!!! Asjad, Mubarak, Waha, Djo, Babiker,
Amjed, Adam, Fatima, Abdlrazeg, Mohammed Issa, and Big Red
Djo (Jooren Surmont founder of 'For A Purpose' thanks
our assistant manager Ahmed Abdulrahman and gives a talk to the team
Djo nicks Mohammed Issa's glasses
and poses with him and Sheikh Ahmed

Lila takes some selfies on the deck

Mathi in a jallabyya borrowed from 
Sheikh Ahmed
takes a messianic photo by
the dome before leaving for the boat

Mathi and Sheikh Ahmed (looking
the part) pose together in their
jallabyyas before boarding the bus
for the Nile River

The men looking like future big business owners
who will build safe houses for the people of Darfur
Mubarak (architect) Abdlrazeg (town councilman) and Abubaker (SHPDO)

Rashid from Malam poses with the ladies from Mayo Women's Association: Lila, Rihab,
Yisryya (leader of Dalu for Development), Abeer, and her sister
Yassir Al Fadel from USAID/TEPS/AECOM (in sunglasses) poses with the ladies from Mayo
and Adam to the left (Fatima's son holds her baby in the background)
 Next week we post pictures of the 'grand opening' and then move on to raise support for our newly trained trainers!

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