Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week Twelve: Mayo Building Workshop hosted by Mayo Women’s Association – ‘Dalu for Development’


Sunday pm…the domes are closed!!! The team is ecstatic… and so proud!!!
It is beautiful! 

Some of triumphant team climb on the dome at the end of the day on Sunday,
Lila and Bernard look on...
Monday we started plastering! We had some more stormy days this week. 
Abeer and Rihab took over the camera for Doc for a few days while she did some final accounting and purchasing...
Bushara, Rashid, and Lila get a kick out of throwing the plaster inside the dome

Just a great picture of the plastering taken by Abeer

Abeer takes a picture of Rihab handing a bucket of plaster to Fatima

Djo does some soil tests to see what earth/sand/cement mixture
will be the best for the final smooth coat of plaster
The dome takes 5-10% (after testing) of cement in the earth mix for filling the bags
final two coats of the external plaster  will be with river sand 
and around 15% cement with some water proofing..
the early tests of the mix had a lot of clay, which has some small cracks... it works,
but it is not as beautiful as the river sand...
readily available most places out of the river beds...

Nice smooth plaster from sifted river sand/earth mixture and 15% cement...
The ladies take a picture of Engineer Mujtaba constructing the wheel chair ramp 

Bushara adds rough plaster to the window casing

Abeer takes a picture of Architect Mubarak working on the external plaster

We did all the rest of our supply purchasing for the next two weeks to close out the grant.
Our cement supplier just dropped off his last load of 10 bags... the domes are really big, and since we added the fancy steps and benches and loft, we had to purchase a few more
metric tons than estimated for the basic domes...
Some planning for finishing.
Djo, Mathi, and Abubaker takes some leveling measurements to plan for the floor...

Abeer takes a picture of Rihab doing the rough plaster on the windows

Amjed does some chipping and smoothing on the windows to prepare for the plastering

Fatima takes a picture of their handiwork

Must have goofy pictures from the dome!!

Rough plastering almost finished in some patches

Engineer Mohammed from the Rotary Club Khartoum (top right in picture below) volunteered some of his time to help us with a consult on the loft construction and some 
electricians came with estimates. 
Ms Norma Kfouri (front row right) invited Doc to the Khartoum Rotary Club
where the Mayo project generated a lot of interest!
Mr. Hassan Salah (seated third from the left in the front row) invited Doc to his house for Friday brunch to chat further about the domes. Several of the newly graduated younger folks in the club found the prospect of the domes interesting and have connections with national NGOs funded by countries in the Middle East.

Djo, Mujtaba, Mubarak, and Amjed finish designing the steps.
Amjed and Mujtaba start
the bottom steps

Asjad's class helps with the steps

The last of the bag work with the platform for the steps and the wheel chair ramp

Mubarak and the second step 

Mujtaba and Mubarak consult
with Djo on finishing the steps

Engineer Mujtaba puts the finishing touches of the steps 

Asjad’s classes came for a visit on Thursday. 
Architect Asjad from ARC Peace Sudan brings her class from
National University - Sudan 

Asjad's class observes the bagging technique as Mujtaba and Mubarak build the steps

Architecture students get to see 'earth domes' first hand and it
changes their mind about earth buildings! - in a good way!

Architecture students take selfies with Mathi and Djo

Last day of the week shows some significant progress on the plastering!
Aerial view on Thursday pm... with a large patch of rough plaster finished
Some old photos of Sudan sent by 'Auntie' Norma... just adding it for the readers to see how it was...

Then some nice portrait shots that Abeer and Rihab took...
Fatima from the Mayo Women's Association

Abeer from Mayo Women's Association

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