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Week Fourteen_Special Tribute: Mayo Building Workshop hosted by Mayo Women’s Association – ‘Dalu for Development’

This week we dedicate our blog to remembering my Sudanese father Mohamed Habiballa, and post some pictures of a sad, but special day when we learned of his passing.

Mohamed Habiballa

Sad that we lost such a noble man to God, but so special to have spent a day with such fine people as I have ever met from Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Dongola. On the morning that I learned of Mohamed’s passing we had a picnic planned for the team to Jebel Aulia for a bit of relaxation after many weeks of intensive learning, hard work, and tough days - and to bid farewell to Najlaa, our ARC Peace architectural advisor who was leaving for UAE.

The Habiballa family first introduced me to the Sudan in 2005, shortly after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed. Their family’s organization - the American Sudanese Council - worked hard to foster a better relationship between the Sudan and America and to help push forward the peace process. Their inspiration led to 'Homes for Sudan' to provide  some tools for the people from Darfur to help rebuild their lives in a bigger and better way. 

The amazing people on our Mayo project team have demonstrated a cohesiveness, determination, and work ethic unlike any we have yet seen in the Sudan. On our visit to Jebel Aulia, the whole team decided in solidarity that if the authorities did not let the two people from Belgium (Mathi and Djo), and the two from America (Doc and Jason) access the bridge and dam - then they would not go either.

In the end we all got to go. We feel certain that the individual and collective members of the team will work together to carry on the legacy of helping each other to rebuild houses for the displaced, to build businesses for themselves, and make better lives for those who have endured war and conflict. Posted are a few pictures below of a day demonstrating the spirit of some great people from the Sudan and the legacy of Mohamed Habiballa’s kind and noble spirit as he continues to support us from his new life beyond.

Rashid Adil (Malam Darfur Peace and Development), Abubaker Omer (SHPDO), Najlaa Abdul Aziz (ARC Peace Sudan), Rihab Germa (Dalu for Development),
Mohammed Issa Jedu (Malam Darfur), and Mujtaba Muhammad (NOHS), 
A recap of the organizations participating in this project with Homes for Sudan and who will take the knowledge to other parts of the Sudan: USAID/TEPS (Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan), SHPDO (Sudanese Hilef for Peace and Development Organization), NOHS (National Organization for Humanitarian Services), ARC Peace Sudan, For A Purpose (Belgium), University of Khartoum, and finally our lovely hosts, Mayo Women's Association - Dalu for Development.

We managed a picture of all of us at Jebel Aulia 
(plus a few local kids who sneaked in the picture)
Here we pay tribute to all of our supporters from: USAID/TEPS, Seeds for Jubilee,
the Stead Family Foundation, the Haggar Foundation,
AECOM, the University of Khartoum
the Habiballa family, the Murtada al Moushley family, 
Imam Ahmed Al Mahdi, Mr. Maher at AFRA Plastics Industry, Adam Chalupski
A local fisherman shows his catch to Abubaker Omer (SHPDO), Mubarak Hassan (NOHS),
Jooren Surmont (AKA Djo from For A Purpose), Jason Matus (AECOM US),
Suliman Mousa (Malam Darfur), and Mohamed Issa (Malam Darfur)
Rihab Germa (Dalu for Development) keeps Najlaa Abdul Aziz (ARC Peace Sudan) company
by the Nile - as we bid farewell to our great architect supporter

Architect Mubarak Hassan (NOHS) braves the stairs on the dam at Jebel Aulia
Mubarak Hassan (NOHS), Mujtaba Muhammad (NOHS), extend a hand to Hassan Mustafa,
one of our mixer helpers who we discover has a university degree in mathematics

Jason (AECOM US/Sudan) chats with Djo (For A Purpose) by the water

Fatima Abdal Samad (Dalu for Development) with her baby (that everyone holds),
while Rihab Germa (Dalu for Development) jokes with Mathias Vandewouwer (For A Purpose)
about stealing him away from his girlfriend while preparing
freshly roasted and ground coffee for the group
Suliman Mousa (Malam Darfur)
holds Fatima's baby while
Rashid Adil (Malam Darfur) jams with
Amjed Mussa (Mayo - studying to be
a lawyer) and Hassan Salah
(Rotary Club Khartoum) 

Ahmed Ali (AKA Dr. Turab from Mayo),
Hassan Mustafa, Saifadin Nouradin
(Malam Darfur) and Lila Khamis
(Dalu for Development) play a
game while waiting for the food

Everyone gets in the fresh and beautiful water

Amjed, Mubarak, Rashid, and Saifadin wield their Darfur daggers while Ahmed Abubaker
snaps some selfies - we all ate a lot of freshly caught and fried fish
from the Nile along with delicious locally grown watermelons
Sunday morning some of the team asked why we didn't put in the work pictures this week (actually we forgot the camera in the truck), so adding some work pictures now.  We had some visitors this week to see our advanced progress. Hassan Salah from the Rotary Club brought his engineer friend, and Malam Darfur boss Lukman visited his team along with his country directors Habib and Noon.
Mathi and Jason (AECOM US) pose with Hassan Salah and his engineer friend inside
the domes showing the rough plaster coat

Hassan does some plastering
on the window

Mathi and Djo place a beam

Mohammed Issa (Malam), Noon (Malam), Fatima (Mayo), Rihab (Mayo), Habib (Malam),
Lukman (Malam), Lila (Mayo)

Rashid, Fatima, and Rihab
flank Lukman

Sheikh Ahmed in costume

Najlaa takes a final aerial look at
the domes before leaving for Dubai

The Welder, Djo and Rashid work
on the 'escape window'

Of Course we take a picture of the whole gang on the domes posing with the
Malam bosses Lukman, Habib, and Noon
The team completed the first smooth coat of plaster this week and they have stepped up the pace a little in order to finish in time for an opening ceremony in two weeks.

Abdlrazeg takes a moment to admire
his plastering job - he is finishing
up his master's degree in
economics and will return to
his West Darfur village to help
people rebuild

Fatima takes a picture of her work - she
will continue her business
endeavors with the women of
Dalu for Development

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