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Week Nine and Ten: Mayo Building Workshop hosted by Mayo Women’s Association – ‘Dalu for Development’

Our wonderful 'Zen' Ustaz Hooman departs and our enthusiastic and energetic earth-builders from 'For A Purpose,' Jooren (Djo) and Mathias (Mathi) return for Aaron's last week before leaving for Switzerland.
The team says farewell to Ustaz Hooman and we take
one of our favorite 'sitting on the dome shots'

We are combining weeks nine and ten since week nine was 'Eid al Adha' and people disappear for almost two weeks instead of the official four day holiday.  At the last moment, the 'State' declared Sunday a holiday as well, but the whole team heroically worked for one day on Ustaz Hooman's last week.

We took lots of farewell shots with the team and everyone exchanged Facebook and WhatsApp contacts to keep in close touch with Ustaz Hooman while we spend the next month finishing.
Farewell from inside the dome: Rashid in the window. Clockwise from left: Amjed, Ahmed Ali, Rihab, Bushara, Lila, Najlaa, Raha, Asjad, Fatima, Hadeer (visiting his friend Sheikh Ahmed), Suliman, Abdlrazeg, Muslim, Abubaker, Ustaz Hooman with Saifadin behind him, Aaron, Sheikh Ahmed, Architect Mubarak, with Engineer Mujtaba behind him, Mohammed Issa, team driver Adam, and Babiker
Doc takes a farewell shot of the ladies with Raha: Fatima, Rihab, Abeer, Raha,
Lila, Najlaa, and Asjad
Team members exchange Facebook and WhatsApp info with Ustaz Hooman
Eid Al Adha is a huge holiday for the Sudanese with lamb sacrifices to commemorate God staying Abraham's hand from slaying his son (for the Muslims it is Ishmael and for the Christians and Jews it is Isaac) as a sacrifice; and the angel bringing a sheep to slaughter instead. Needless to say a LOT of sheep is eaten this week and several of the team members invited Ustaz Hooman, Raha, and Doc to meals. It was a lot to squeeze in....
Ustaz Hooman and Raha Faridi with Najlaa, her father and sister at her house
in Bahri for EID feast!! (Doc taking the photo)
Raha getting ready to take photos at Engineer Mujtaba's house in Omdurman.
We had a nice time with the women and men of his family. What gracious hosts!

Sharing food with the team daily at the Mayo site (before Eid)
Ustaz Hooman, Earthbuilder Aaron, Bushara, Saifadin, and Engineer Mujtaba
Adam helps serve the food to one of the groups enjoying 'breakfast' at 10:30 daily
Team work with Ustaz Hooman during his final days with us
Hassan and Ahmed Ali look on while the donkey cart delivers the cement this week
Ladies work in a team with

Neighbor lady visits the dome and
wants one for herself!

Raha has a final visit with the
children in the nearby park

Fatima's kids pose for Doc

We were happy to see Djo and Mathi arrive after their well deserved break in Europe for some festivals and they were eager to start building again with the team and loved how far we have come.
Doc, Aaron, Ustaz Hooman, Mathi, Djo, and Bernard

Ustaz Hooman takes a last
look at his baby

Ustaz fades out, Djo and Mathi fade in
Djo and Mathi listen to Ustaz Hooman
Aaron brings up suggestions 
Muslim and Babiker take
advantage of the window shade

Remember, the first week of the project was tearing down the old building, so we have only been at it for nine weeks with one week off for Eid, and a few breaks from the rain, so what we have is less than eight weeks (of only five days a week working in the extreme heat) of actual work.  The team should be extremely proud and pleased.
Hadeer takes a picture from on top of the dome of team work! Hadeer was one of our
University of Khartoum students that Homes for Sudan, Haggar Foundation, Stead Foundation
and the Mennonites sponsored for a summer course in Ohio two years ago

Fatima and Rihab take a break on the built in bench in the shade of the dome
We had the third, two hour installment of the business class taught by Dr. Abdelgadir from the University of Khartoum.  We are doubly grateful for his efforts since we know how busy he is running between two universities and serving on countless boards. We are privileged to have such a senior important person spending time with us in Mayo!!

We were so sad to see Aaron preparing to depart.
Adam on dome. Middle row: Dr. Ahmed, Abdul Khareem, Eng. Mujtaba, Djo, Eng. Mubarak, AARON,
Rihab, Mathi, Najlaa, Bernard, Ahmed Ali, and Ahmed Abdurahman
Front row: Abubaker, Babiker, Muslim, Abeer, and Lila
Aaron says farewell to the team
Aaron and Fatima pose in brown

It is time for a shout out to our partners and donors again! Our newest partner donor is one that has contributed before - The Haggar Foundation. Having Sudanese partners is our greatest pleasure, and the Haggar Foundation partnered with Homes for Sudan, the Stead Foundation, and some of our Mennonite friends from Ohio to send two University of Khartoum Students to the US to study intensive English composition two years ago. Both Stead and Haggar joined us for this project along with USAID/TEPS, For a Purpose, the Seeds for Jubilee Foundation, and the University of Khartoum, as well as the Sudanese organizations SHPDO, NOHS, Malam Project, ARC Peace Sudan, and our wonderful women with Dalu for Development.
Donors invest in the future of Sudan
Not to leave out one of our most important donors - the AFRA Plastics Industry (Mr. Maher) who donated all of the polypropylene bags allowing us money to 'buy dirt' for this project.  Since this dome was in the middle of a town, we couldn't just dig the earth in place as we have done in the past, so we had to import.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Dr. Murtada Moustafa and his family, our hosts who have helped out with housing for all of our visiting architects and earth-builders since 2007. We could not have done any of this without them!
Our young mixer helper Abdul Khareem sitting in the shade under the cistern
Apart from the Eid celebration which was a welcome break, the week back was an adjustment for everyone. Djo and Mathi had to get used to the heat again, since any cool weather brought with the rain is now over... and the team was missing their 'Ustaz Hooman' who has the patience of Job after working in Africa and the Middle East for so many years.
Djo measures with the chain
and tries to remain patient
while quitting smoking

Dr. Ahmed views the completed arch
between the domes

Djo (who is quitting smoking) and Doc had a little trouble with patience this week - we want so much to pass along the culture of 'WE CAN' and get rid of 'we can't'... The team was good natured. They  are one of the best teams Doc and Ustaz have worked with in the Sudan, so we have so much hope.

The team at the Haggar Foundation is most interested in continuing with some projects with the women and we would like to bring some of the young entrepreneur groups to speak with the team in the coming two weeks to give them some innovation and hope for the future... We believe this must come from the Sudanese, not from the outsiders...
Amjed (from Mayo) and Mohammed Issa (from Malam project) lay bags on the sweep of the dome
Dr. Ahmed, who finished administering exams before Eid and is stepping away from his 'Deputy Dean' position for awhile, had time to come and visit us again this week. We are grateful for all of his support and the interest of the University of Khartoum!
Exams are over and Dr. Ahmed has a chance to visit with Djo
in the dome
The domes look pretty awesome after eight weeks! Keeping up our enthusiasm and capacity to work will be our upcoming challenge in the heat.
Aerial view end of week ten (eight weeks of actual work on the dome)

Shout out to Hooman for getting
buckets made with recycled tires!!!
They are just the right size for filling the bags!
Most of all, we look to our trainees as young leaders and hope for the future of the next generation.
Our future

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