Saturday, December 28, 2013

Djibouti Dome and Khartoum, Sudan

After a long time away, HS4S Director and board member will be taking a trip back to the Sudan.  Recently, some of our past efforts in Darfur have borne fruit!  A young Sudanese who heard about the dome workshop in Nyala has started his own nonprofit for sustainable housing and asked our assistance.  We will investigate what possibilities there are with the nonprofit work on this trip considering the political situation.  Things are very rough in South Sudan right now, but the Sudan (north) is in flux as well, though reasonably stable.
In the mean time, we thought it would be nice to post the picture of the completed dome in Djibouti.  This was a double/two story dome that one of the reservists designed.  The villagers are so proud of this because they built it, they take care of it and they now know how to do this on their own! After this trip, we hope to rebuild the Homes for Sudan website (the director had to take some time off to make a living again).

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Pablo Moñino Lostalé said...

Dear Marie,
I am a civil engineer volunteering with a Missionary Community in Turkana, northwestern Kenya (semi-arid climate). We are very much interested in the cal-earth building technique and we are already doing our first dome. But some of us have doubts about it´s behaviour under termites attack. There are plenty of termiters in the area and we´ve had many problems in wooden structures before. Based on your experience, if you could provide some information on this issue would be very much appreciated.
Kind Regards