Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 New Faces

Young Ethiopians from HS4S Founder's trip to ET 
Taking inventory from the last four years, HS4S has some remarkable achievements unter its belt.  With less than 100,000 dollars, we have built four domes: one in Khartoum, one in Tonj, South Sudan, one in Nyala Darfur, and now, one in Djibouti.  But, even more significant than dome building, over 100 professional Architects, Engineers, contractors and IDPs know how to build the domes on their own.

Southerners add thatched look to Khartoum Dome
 Some of our partner architects in Khartoum have continued work on the teaching dome!  They hired Southerners to plaster the dome - and the Southerners have made it look like a thatched house in the South!  Our NGO partners in Darfur would like to build on a larger scale, but we are waiting for some of the Darfur expats and donors to bring in the funds for the Darfur community! In the mean time, our HS4S Founder and CEO is working in Djibouti on an academic advisory team.... So, while we all must work nowadays some of our Civil Affairs guys and gals who are working with the Djiboutian locals and the military think the domes are a great idea.  The local Red Crescent in Djibouti would also like to learn how to build the domes, so one of the Civil Affairs teams took up the challenge - found some sandbags and cement on the camp - and built a dome!  They did an amazing job! Since it was around 120 degrees every day, and it was during Ramadan, they built all night long! Two of the troops had the priviledge of attending the Calearth ( class in September and have some ideas on how to make the domes work in Djibouti.

Volunteers and CA work on Djibouti Dome
Last but not least, HS4S has a new person on board helping us!  The former CEO of S.T. Dupont in Paris has taken up the challenge of sharing real knowledge with the Sudan and partnering with us and our Sudanese Partners!
We are praying that the referendum passes peacefully and that with some solid donations we can take our nascent workers trained in the Sudan and start re-building on a larger scale.  As our Calearth architect said... 'it would be nice to build something other than a prototype for a change'!

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